Atwood Magazine: Exclusive Premiere of "I Wanna Make You Dance" Acoustic Video

Fast or slow, “I Wanna Make You Dance” is a magnificent composition that is sure to move us both inside and out. Its sentiment is time-tested and listener-approved, a warm and meaningful extension of palpable feeling that echoes long after last call:  Nothing lasts forever, so let’s make this count. I wanna make you dance.


Born Music Online: Luke Underhill Pulls at our Heartstrings with Love Song "Wish"

Born Music Online: Luke Underhill Pulls at our Heartstrings with Love Song "Wish"

A beautiful rendition of a typical love song.’Wish’ starts out with stunning piano sounds, with emotive vocals. From the first few seconds, your emotions are provoked, a hard skill which Luke Underhill has proven that he can succeed in. Such a young artist, it is evident his singing and music are way beyond his years.

I'm Music Magazine: Exclusive Video Premiere - "The Left Side"

I'm Music Magazine: Exclusive Video Premiere - "The Left Side"

While Underhill describes his sound as ‘mellow music with a loud voice,’ there’s no denying his skills as a songwriter.  Whether making a happy point or a sad undertone, Underhill, who has written the bulk of his material, has a no nonsense approach to songwriting that he chalks up to one of his musical idols. He explains: “I never really thought about how I wrote before. I would just write. It wasn’t till recently that someone pointed out that I don’t “beat around the bush” with my writing. I feel like that stems from listening to a lot of Ben Folds. His style of writing is very unique and doesn’t follow the typical structure of a song, and I’ve always liked that. So I guess I take a little bit from him. “

Variety Beat: Exclusive First Listen of "The Left Side"

Variety Beat: Exclusive First Listen of "The Left Side"

Enter Luke Underhill, the 21-year-old Chicago Based singer/songwriter has a sound and a vision that’s unlike the other music in the Pop industry right now. His EP The Left Side allows listeners to dance to the music, while also receiving lyrics that mean something. They aren’t words that just sound fun, or little one liner phrases tied together set to a hip beat. The industry is changing and it needs artists like Underhill to give back quality music. Music that not only lets you feel good but taps into emotions. We need more strong male artists to be the voice of today’s generation.

"The Left Side" Available Now!

Emerging Pop singer/songwriter and Chicago native Luke Underhill is celebrating the release of his debut major studio project, The Left Side. The 7-track project, with hit producer Mikal Blue (Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz, One Republic) at the helm, was recorded at Revolver Recordings in Los Angeles, CA earlier this year. The multi-talented 21-year old co-wrote two of the tracks on the new project and penned the other five songs solo. In celebration of the release, Underhill performed today on Chicago's WGN Morning News.

Variety Beat exclusively premiered the audio HERE.

The Left Side is available now on iTunes.

Underhill explains: "Working on this album was unlike any other. This album was nothing less than an experience. As I was writing for this album, I knew from the beginning that it would be different than anything else I've done so far. I had big plans from the start. A different sound, a different feel, a different point of view in every way. None of it could have been achieved without the magic that is Mikal Blue and everyone at RevolverStudios. From my first day arriving at that studio, it immediately felt like home. Mikal Blue captured my sound and the feel I wanted just by getting to know who I was as a person, and who I was influenced by."

Producer Mikal Blue says: "Luke's ability to tell a story with an infectious melody make his songs stand out. His voice pulls you in and his catchy piano melodies and guitar hooks seal the deal."

With diverse influences ranging from Gavin DeGraw and Bruce Springsteen to Ed Sheeranand Ben Folds, Luke Underhill is preparing to make his mark in the format. The Chicagoarea singer, songwriter, pianist and guitarists' emotional renditions of his songs have already earned him comparisons to a young John Mayer - while some more upbeat arrangements inspire exciting flashes of early Bryan Adams.

Underhill will wrap up release day with a full band show at The Law Office Pub & Music Hall in Yorkville, IL. The show kicks off at 9pm CT and admission is free.

The Left Side Track Listing:

  1. I'll Be Waiting
  2. The Left Side
  3. Goodbye, MaryJane
  4. Wish
  5. Something (Revolver Mix)
  6. I Wanna Make You Dance

BRASH! Magazine: "I'll Be Waiting" Review

A man with a guitar in his hands. Singer/Songwriter/Musician, Luke Underhill is a newcomer to the music scene showing that he HAS the talent and drive to stay. This is displayed through his live performances and music releases including his latest single “I’ll Be Waiting”. This track spills his heart to someone special giving them the choice to say the word I Love You. But how can one deny this guy giving his heart through music with his unique voice and melodies throughout the song giving more feelings that the words couldn’t express.

Luke Underhill is making his way through the music scene giving live performance along with releasing an acoustic visual of I’ll Be WaitingWatch Now!

“I’ll Be Waiting” by Luke Underhill is Available Now on iTunes & Spotify! Exclusive Premiere of "I'll Be Waiting" Acoustic Exclusive Premiere of "I'll Be Waiting" Acoustic

Rising pop singer/songwriter Luke Underhill passionately explored the nuances of love and longing on his single "I'll Be Waiting." Now, he's breaking matters down even further with a stripped-down version of the love song. 

The multi-talented 21-year-old describes the pulsing poem as "special. It's one of my more up tempo songs, and was one of my favorites since I wrote it," he tells AXS. "I didn't truly see the potential in the song until Mikal Blue (my producer) and the team at Revolver took it and turned into a fun song to dance to, which is all I wanted from this tune. The song is about unrequited love, and realizing that they are worth the wait. I feel like that is a common feeling that everyone experiences at one point, so I wanted to relate."

B-Sides & Badlands Exclusive Live "I'll Be Waiting" Premiere

B-Sides & Badlands Exclusive Live "I'll Be Waiting" Premiere

So much of pop music is auto-tuned, polished, shaved down until all the rough-hewn, distinctive elements are faded and gone. It’s tragic, really. But up and comer Luke Underhill frames his gravelly voice, unapologetically, with his first single “I’ll Be Waiting,” an amalgamation of Bryan Adams, John Mayer and Gavin DeGraw. It is unmistakably him, too, slyly gliding across throwback soft-rock, which deals in hearty singer-songwriter lyricism and anthemic-style production. In a brand new live performance video, premiering today, Underhill looks the crowd in the face and pours his heart out. The yearning of the lyrics to the tenderness of his phrasing, particularly on the verses, sets the tone for the intense and raw hook, hitting you squarely across the eyes. “I try and I try,” he wails, backed by brisk guitar lines and thudding percussion